Worry About our Hair in Summer

For hair that is already dry or damaged, frizz will be your worst enemy. If you always blow dry, in the summer use an Argan oil (like Oribe’s Gold Lust) in your wet hair in conjunction with an ionic blow dryer, says celebrity stylist, Richard Marin. You will find that your blowout lasts longer and the ions in the dryer dry your human hair extensions from within the cortex of the hair to reduce frizz. The dry time is also shorter and hair is shinier versus other dryers that dry the cortex of the hair from the outside layer into the hair.

Prevent color fading. When we spend more time outdoors during the sunny summer months, our hair color tends to fade more quickly than usual. Rather than coloring your hair more frequently, eSalon Color Director Estelle Baumhauer recommends the regular use of a color enhancer, which will boost color vibrancy without requiring chemical processing.

Condition it up. Do a pre-wash and condition before hitting the ocean or pool. Most beaches/pools have public showers. You might think it’s weird to shower before getting in the water, but allowing your hair to soak up fresh, filtered water prevents it from absorbing the more harmful properties of chlorine or salt. Also, if you can spray or comb in a leave-in conditioner to further hydrate—it will further protect your hair from damage. No public shower? Just go with a spray in conditioner!

Keep it simple. You’ll have a long-lasting, more manageable style if you enhance your natural texture instead of straying from it, says Antonio Corral Calero, Global Creative Director for Moroccanoil. If you have curly hair extensions, try to avoid a straight, sleek look and opt for wash-and-go curls.

Lighten up. Summer is the time to let your natural hair go a couple of shades lighter, says Penna, but avoid using homemade remedies like lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. While these are effective at bleaching your hair, they are also effective at increasing breakage and dryness.

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