Wavy Hairstyles Beautiful for Girls

If you want to create a gentle and attractive style, wavy hair is a perfect choice. This is a special hairstyle for all ages, short and long hair. Besides, this hairstyle also makes the hair thicker and more bob. We give 10 beautiful varieties of wavy hairstyle to refer in the followings:

1. Wavy hair for the long face

Recently, many Vietnamese stars like this light wavy hair, because it makes hair thicker and more bob. It also helps highlight the facial features. If you are looking forward to a feminine and elegant look, do not miss out on this impressive hairstyle.

2. Shoulder-length wavy hair

If you do not want to cut your hair short, choosing to lengthen your back should be more appropriate. This haircut trend is still modern without losing the inherent beauty of the Vietnamese people. The summer is coming, so you try this hairstyle to add more glamor and beautiful.

3. Long wavy hair

If you want to be more prominent, you pay attention to the perfect hairstyle for the long hair girls as below. This is the hairstyle for every face, even though your face is square, it will also help your face softer and more beautiful. Therefore, this wavy hairstyle is a HOT trend forever.

4. Pretty wavy hair

Next, it is the hairstyle that gives a cute look, but it is only suitable for long faces. The curly and extremely sophisticated locks help the face to show the perfect points. In addition, this hairstyle helps make the summer cooler and more comfortable.

5. Korean wavy hair

This is the most lovely variation for girls who like the same Korean actors. It is only for the long faces or oval faces. To be more beautiful and confident every day, remember to choose a more beautiful hair color.

6. Lightly wavy hair

This hairstyle is very pretty. It is the trend for young people, especially the students who want to change and prove themselves. Those who have a round face, big face, and long face can own this wavy hairstyle. Because this is the fashion for all the face shape.

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