Tips And Tricks For Home Made Hair Treatments

The beauty of homemade hair treatments with all-natural ingredients is that it’s fun and safe to experiment and you can create a recipe that is exactly right for your particular hair type. Here are a few tips that can help you get started and make the experimenting a lot more fun.


If this is the first time you experience a homemade hair treatment then make sure you have nothing important planned afterward. It is obvious that you don’t want to attend an important event with a greasy head because you used too much oil for the hair treatment earlier. Plan your first DIY when you have no plans and are not obliged to attend an event.


Homemade treatment can be messy sometimes, therefore, it’s best to apply most of these treatments in the shower. That way, if you spill some you won’t damage your carpet, furniture, or clothes. If you can’t use a shower, plan to apply your mask in an area you can clean up easily.

More does not always equal better. For example, if you use too much oil, you can encounter greasy hair after rinsing it off. Sometimes, too much of clarifying ingredients such as vinegar or lemon can strip and dry your hair if used too frequently or left on too long. Always start small. It’s easier to add more later if your first try doesn’t work out.


Do some research to get the right hair treatment that is right for your hair current state and hair type. Thick, curly hair has different needs than fine, thin hair. Just because a treatment promises deep conditioning, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your texture or hair type, if you’re not sure about your hair type to talk to your stylist, they will be qualified to explain what your hair needs. It will be much more important if you have combination hair so you should be prepared.


The first try might not be successful but it’s absolutely normal. The reason is simple, it is DIY stuff so it might be a failure for the first time. Also, hair care comes with no guarantees and you will likely have to try a few different recipes before you find “the one”. Don’t despair, this is to be expected. Have fun along the way and make your hair treatment days into spa days, so no matter what the result you will walk away relaxed and rejuvenated.


We are sure you will find a DIY hair treatment that you will love! Whether you choose a treatment that is protein-based, and olive oil hair treatment, a deep conditioning treatment, or any of the homemade hair treatments we’ve suggested, your locks will thank you when they are once again brilliant and full of life.

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