The Following Simple Tips Will Help You to Take Best Care

  1. Do not use your hands to “stir” hair

As you are about to going out, according to natural reflexes, you often comb or stroke your hair, check to see if they are neat. Avoid doing so from right now. There is no need to change anything for some curled hairstyles, combing or scratching your hair with your hands is a taboo. Your hands and comb will “stir” hair messy and can make hair ruffled.

  1. Keep your hair roots dry

If it’s not a good idea to dry your hair on sunny days (the dryer will make your hair tough and dry), then do not hesitate to do so during rainy days. Due to quite wet weather in the rainy season, hair just washed or wet hair is difficult to dry. Before turning off the dryer, make sure that your hair is completely dry to avoid dampness on the scalp, which can damage your hair.

  1. Use a serum to hold

Your wavy hair is prone to straightening during rainy days if you do not know how to take care of it. You can use a serum to keep curls so that your hair is always floating. Put a little serum onto the hair, your wavy hair will be kept in order and not be “stiff”.

  1. Braiding

If you do not have a lot of time to go to hair salons on rainy days, you can try braiding with trendy styles so that your hair is neat and attractive.

  1. Cool the hair after drying

Hair which has just been dried hot can easily become brittle and broken when it comes to cold or rainy weather. After blow-drying your hair, spraying hair lotions onto your hair, and preparing to go to work. You should wait for 5 minutes for the hair to dry and cool again. In the meantime, you can find an umbrella or suitable shoes to go out.

  1. Hair done high up in a knot tied neatly

If you do not like braiding, you can tie your hair highly to keep it away from getting raincoat and minimize the amount of wind and rain that come in contact with your hair. This way is much simpler and a ponytail is an example.

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