Taking Care of Your Hair on Holidays

Summer and holidays are on the way knocking your door, gorgeous long hair, a skim bikini, and a glorious tan. But you are still jetting off to sun-kissed faraway beaches and yearning for long, thick trees and that beach babe look, aren’t you? Want to know the secret? Professional, high – quality Remy human hair extensions are easy to care for and someone natural looking that no one will ever spot the difference.


Protect your hair extensions

You wouldn’t dream of sunbathing without UV protection and the same goes for your hair, hair extensions, and scalp. Use a sun product with a high SPF which is light and easy to use. As extensions may become a little loose if you put oil or serum directly onto the micro ring or tape extensions, focus the sun protector on the hair length. And of course, a hat or scarf is always your hair’s best friend against the fierce sun.

Swimming with hair extensions

You can swim with tape and micro rings extensions and I suggest you tide your hair back into ponytail or plait before taking the plunge to save tangling and pulling. However, I do not recommend swimming with clip – in hair extensions. The chlorine and the chemicals in pools damage and discolor hair, especially blond, which can develop a greenish hue. Someone whether you have human hair or not, always wash your hair immediately after swimming using a shampoo specifically formulated to remove chlorine. For tape hair extensions, I suggest using a shampoo for oily hair. Ask an extension specialist for a personal prescription for your hair and extensions.

After sun for hair extensions

Wash your hair in the evening to remove the build-up of hair products from the day and give it a deep moisturizing treatment to help sun – stressed stresses. Pay particular attention to the hair length.

Holiday styling for your hair extensions

The ponytail is a huge look for SS14 and works beautifully with long, thick hair extensions. For the perfect sexy ponytail, keep it super slick and tie low on the nape of your neck. For a carefree look, a thick side – plait says A-lister glamour as you lie by the pool or sip a cocktail. In the evening, human hair extensions look just fabulous with soft curls and loose waves. Vietnamese hair is higher maintenance and benefits from blow-drying and styling to look its glossy best. Cambodian hair extensions on the other hand (being more luxurious, silky, and softer) can be left to dry naturally for a more tousled fashion-forward style.

How long will my hair extensions last?

If you are lucky enough to be going away for an extensions trip, this isn’t a problem. It really depends on how quickly your own hair grows as the extensions are attached to this. However, for tape extensions, I think maintenance is usually needed every 6- weeks and for micro rings between 7-10 weeks.

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