Take Care of Beautiful Hair

Hair thinning and hair loss are such annoying problems for both women and men. It is worse than hair thinning is not just happening to older people but even young females and males are not an exception. The cause of this issue can be stress, pregnancy, scalp conditions, and many other factors.  However, it is not the end of the day, down here are some suggested tips that you can use to prepare and improve your hair condition.

The initial thing you need to do is to adjust your eating, drinking habit. Tracking things that you put in your body that might be a cause of losing hair.  For example, are you taking the right food, do you drink too much alcohol, are you often get stressed or are you using too much heat on styling your real hair? Answer these questions first then you can find out exactly what is the major factor causing this problem. This will be the foundation that you can base on so as to deal with it from the root and also make some changes to improve your hair condition.

One of the ways that you can think of is to let your natural hair alone when you notice your hair is thinning. The best way is to avoid excessive manipulation to avoid even more damage and breakage. Particularly, if you feel embarrass and try to cover up your hair loss area by styling your hair or use constant manipulation, it can even make it even worse. Instead, paying more attention to grow your baby hair in order to make up to it. At the same time, you should be gentle with your hair in order to prevent even more hair loss and breakage.

Stay away from some tight hairstyles such as braids or weaves is not a bad idea. It is because these hairstyles can burden your hair once it is prone to breakage. Instead, you can go for the high buns and puffs or let it down naturally which makes your hair happy and give your baby hair space to grow back in.

An alternative method is to massage your scalp. It is a great way to stimulate your blood circulation. It will be super helpful in fostering and encouraging new hair to grow back. A useful thing that you can use to support your massage process is essential oils such as rosemary, coconut or peppermint oil, etc. It is suggested that you rub these oils with your message on your scalp, especially around your thinning edges in order to stimulate blood circulation and make baby hair to grow more quickly. One quick thing that you can note down is to use these above oils with jojoba oil to make it lighter to your hair and bring a better result

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