Samurai Hair Trend of Japanese Stars in Ancient Movies

While the Chinese stars join in ancient drama have to sacrifice their hair and braid (like Vietnamese hair in ancient times), Japanese stars have been forced to sacrifice their hair to wear traditional hairstyles of this country, called Sakayaki.


This hairstyle prevailed in Japan from ancient Heian (795-1185) with the hair in the middle head shaved, leaving only one line and two sides. In ancient times, adult men used to wear this hairstyle because it was easier for them to wear helmets and didn’t feel hot.

In Japanese cinema today, audiences can easily see Sakayaki hairstyles. Many main characters are famous celebrities and received much praise from the audience.

In the movie “Love and Honor (2006)”, the handsome singer, Takuya Kimura, had to cut off his hair to play the role of Samurai Mimura Shinnojo.

Besides, Ninomiya Kazunari has worn the Sakayaki style many times. Most recently in the movie “The Lady Shogun and Her Men”, a film adapted from the manga with the same name by artist Yoshinaga Fumi.

The story in the film is a fictional world that appeared in the Edo Period (1716) in which a mysterious epidemic has reduced the proportion of men to just one quarter. Women become the power in society while men are subordinate and take care of the child.

In this historical context, Unoshin Mizuno (Ninomiya Kazunari) is chosen among a forest of 3,000 men to enter the castle of Shogun. In the film, there are many sex scenes of the actor, especially the audience is still impressed by his hair Sakayaki.

While the 32-year-old singer, Ryo Nishikido has also made two hair cuts with Sakayaki style for his role in A Boy and His Samurai (2010) and Samurai Teacher (2015). This role really made a deep impression on his fans, as he showed the real samurai image.


Japanese audiences love Masato Sakai, a handsome actor with many classic roles in many popular dramas. Sakai’s masculine and seductive face actually matches the Sakayaki hair of an ancient samurai. Fans have witnessed the 42-year-old actor in this unique creation from Atsushime (2008) of NHK. He played the role of Tokugawa Iesachi of the Shogun clan.

In the drama Asa Come (2016) of NHK, 36-year-old actor, Hiroshi Tamaki wore Sakayaki hairstyle when playing the role of samurai Shinjirō, husband of the main character Asa (Rio Suzuki). Many people love his image in this film, he looks more stylish and hands handsome with Sakayaki hairstyle.

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