Reasons to Use Aloe Vera in Your Hair Care Routine

It has the rumor that aloe vera is a weapon of healthy skin which benefits your skin so well. However, aloe vera is not just only for skin but it is made for your hair regimen too. Let discuss several reasons why aloe vera is such a beneficial plant.

The very first thing that we want to mention is how great aloe vera is in hydrating your natural hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and helps your hair become strong and healthy. Once your hair is well hydrated, it will be less likely to break compared to dehydrated hair. It is because when your hair is low in moisture, the dryness will split your hair ends and it leads to breakage also. On the other hand, if your hair is full of moisture, then it will be more elastic and strong which can keep your hair grow naturally without being split apart.

At the same time, aloe vera also keeps your scalp healthy. Aloe vera is rich in enzymes that have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. These factors work well in getting rid of dandruff and also smooth your scalp. Therefore, aloe vera can help to prevent dryness and itchiness caused by dandruff.

Likewise, it also contains substances that can eliminate dead skin cells clogging your pores. Once your pores are clean and unclogged, it will facilitate your scalp to take in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins much easier which leads to the fact that your hair can absorb these minerals and grow much better.

Besides the above advantages such as repairing dead skin cells on the scalp, act as a great conditioner, promote hair growth, or limit itching and dandruff, one more benefit of aloe vera is that it is a perfect recipe for preventing hair fall. Aloe vera contains substances that make up keratin the major protein building up your hair strands. This factor supplies your hair with nutrients and prevents it from breakage.

One bonus for you is the mask made of aloe vera that you can use to leave your hair strong and smooth. This mask is perfect for damaged hair ( curly hair extensions ). All you have to prepare is aloe vera and coconut oil and follow these steps below:

Step 1: Wash the aloe vera leaf to get rid of dirt and germs then remove the thorns on the side using a knife.

Step 2: Cut aloe vera into pieces

Step 3: Make a puree of these pieces and pure some coconut oil into the mixture

Step 4: Apply the mixture after well stir on your hair and cover your hair with a cap. Leave it for 1.30 to 2 hours and rinse it off.

You will be amazed by the result and feel a difference in your hair after letting your hair dry naturally.

Since then you have acknowledged of aloe vera’s advantages to your hair, remember to use it regularly to make sure you achieve the result as you expect.

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