Major Reasons Causing Hair Loss You Should Know

Hair loss is a common phenomenon of everyone. According to hair care experts, the control of hair loss should start from the cause of this phenomenon, then from which to find the correct solution. So let’s see which reasons make your hair become weaken.

Hormonal change in the body

Hormonal change in the body is one of the main causes of hair loss. In the pre-menopause, people often get gonadal function decline and lack of estrogen, making skin darker and hair loss unusually. .Besides, sudden change of the hormone during giving birth also leads to this phenomenon, because at this time the body produces a large amount of estrogen and after about 3-4 months, it decreases, causing hormonal imbalance. In addition, some people who use medications such as birth control pills or other medications for a long time can lead to self-reliance, which leads to hormonal imbalances as well.

Environment and daily habits

Pollution, dust, and hot weather make you sweat and when evaporated, it will leave a great amount of salt on the hair and scalp, causing the hair to weaken, leading to hair loss. Therefore, you should wash your hair regularly to clean the scalp.

In addition, your daily habits can also cause your hair to weaken, including braid, tie hair too tight, or excessive use of dryer with high temperature. You should limit using beauty services like bending, bleaching, or dying frequently because it will make your hair broken. You should only style your hair twice a year and using various hair care methods to make your hair healthier.

Insomnia, stress, inappropriate lifestyle

When you lose sleep due to stress, the brain is not resting, blood circulation is reduced and cells are not regenerated, causing hair loss. In addition, an inappropriate diet is also the reason for this condition. Dieting may inadvertently shorten the number of micronutrients required and therefore leading to a dramatic drop in hair growth.

Shortly, if you want to own a strong and thick hair, you must change the daily routine, have a good mood and eat a full range of nutrients.

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