Hair Hacks for Frizz and Flyaway Hair

Frizzy hair is always something annoying that a lot of people have to try many different methods, use different hair products just to calm them down. However, sometimes it is easier than you think. Today, we will give you some tips and tricks that can partially control your frizzy hair to some stages. Let’s find out what they are:

Using hand lotion as an anti-frizz product

Frizz hair often goes crazy and out of control, and if on a nice day, you forget your anti-frizz product at home, here is the alternative trick that you should know. Use your hand lotion instead! Squeeze a bit amount of your hand lotion and apply on your hair. Try to smooth out and tame the flyaway and frizzy hair by spread the lotion evenly on your problematic hair. Don’t worry about that because hand lotion is harm-free to your hair and it even can add moisture to your hair at the same time. Therefore, it will be a great deal when you are in emergencies.

Taming flyaways

Flyways can be caught in various situations, not only for people with frizzy hair. Whether you put your hair in a bun or ponytail, there are stubborn flyaways that might annoy you. The tip is to use an old toothbrush, spray some hair spray on it and brush these baby hair into the rest. It 100 percent works in this case. Try it and see how amazing and quick it is.

DIY dry shampoo

There are days that you are just too lazy or busy to wash your hair and it looks gross with a greasy, oil appearance. Or sometimes, you run out of shampoo and don’t have enough time to rush to the shop or supermarket to buy it right away. There here you go, make your own dry shampoo in the matte of minutes using available ingredients. If you have light hair color such as blonde, ash, smoky hues, go for cornstarch or baby powder, while darker colors should use cacao powder. These powder can absorb the excess oil on the scalp and give you a fresh, balanced moisture hair look; let alone, the delicious smell.

Dandruff hacks

Dandruff can be the worst thing that ever happens to us. It is itchy and dirty. Now, it’s about time to combat dandruff using baking soda. Mixing 2 tbsp of baking soda with water to make a consistent combination then apply it on your scalp. Leave the mixture on your head for about 5 to 10 minutes then wash it off with water. It will work magically on your scalp and prevent dandruff to return if you can use this method regularly.

Keeping your hair smell fresh

A trick that can remain your hair smell good during the day, even when you skip two or three days of washing is to use perfume. Spray your favorite perfume on your brush or comb then go through your hair evenly. This technique will fragrance up your hair without being noticed that you might skip washing for several days.

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