Hair Care Tips for Spring

With Spring on its way, it’s the time to start getting your hair in shape for the new season.

Start with a trim
The cold, dry winter air has likely taken a toll on your strands, so get rid of the dead ends is the first step to refreshing up for spring.  Don’t worry only ½ inch should be enough to remove any split ends and leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Change out shampoos and conditioner

While the former is best for wintertime, the combo of humid spring air and hydrating products may put too much moisture in your hair. Let consider switching to a formula for normal hair or ask your stylist to help determine if and when you should use moisturizing products.

Stay frizz-free

Frizz can be a problem any time of year, but especially in spring with all those April showers! Add an anti-frizz spray to your hair care routine and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Mist these sprays on dry hair near the roots, without overdoing it. Carrying an anti-humidity spray with you to work can help you get a midday touchup or avoid frizz when you leave the office for lunch.

Don’t get blown away
On windy days tie your hair back with a scarf, headband, or hair clips to avoid split ends and static. Or pull it back into a ponytail for a quick and easy, on-trend style.

Lighten your hair color
For your spring hair care, ask your stylist about balayage. As the day lengthened, it’s a good time to consider your hair color. Balayage is the great choice which is less structured highlight make your locks look more sun-kissed and ready for summer. Besides that, it will grow out more naturally, which can save you time and money at the salon.

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