Grow Bangs: Tips, and Tricks

We might be all in trouble with bangs at least once. You might try to get pretty, blunt bangs cut then it starts to grow out to an awkward length. It is not long enough to blend well with the rest of your hair of short enough to look as cute as before. That’s the time that you have to struggle with making your hair grow as fast as possible or cut it again. In today’s article, we are going to offer you some tips and tricks that you can use to grow bangs more effectively.

Trimming your bang regularly can be the thing that you should do. It might sound counterproductive; however, it actually works. Cutting your bang off will keep your hair healthy and facilitate the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to easily absorb into your hair strands. It is because the end of the hair tends to be drier than the other part and once your hair gets damaged, it’s going to travel from the tip to the root. So that’s why it helps your bangs grow faster. The ideal time that you should trim your bangs is every six weeks which gives enough time for it to grow back and blend with the other hair strands. At the same time, never forget to condition your hair regularly in your hair care routine. You should condition the hair after shampooing and use some natural mask and deep conditioner twice a week. These steps are going to work great in maintaining your hair’s health and make it grow faster.

The alternative solution to deal with the medium length bang is to turn it into a side bang. It will prevent the awkward moment for you and also, the hair can be kept out of your face. Besides, you are encouraged to use some wax or hairspray to keep your hair in place.

Now, it’s time for the help of hair accessories. Try to take advantage of hair clips, headbands, hair ties, everything that can solve the problem. Be creative with these accessories in order to even make your hair outstanding instead of hiding the bangs. You can use bobby pins to hold the bangs down or wear a headband to get bangs out of your face but still give your hair a different, fun look. Besides, use an elastic to tie your bang-up and twist it with the hair on top to make the half up half down hairstyle is also not a bad idea.

Apart from these tricks, braiding, and twisting also can be used in this case. You can opt for braiding your bang in many ways to make it pretty and carefully blend the look with the rest of your hair. Or else, twist the bang and fix it in the side or twist it with the long hair is also worth a try. Make it fun and change your look with these tricks guarantee you an amazing experience.

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