Foods to Prevent White Hair

Try these foods to avoid white hair in order to maintain your hair color. You must make sure that you have these foods in the right proportion to get the best results.

Shell Fish

Zinc is a mineral that is required to keep your hair strong and maintain its color. Lack of zinc often leads to hormonal imbalances and premature greying


Eggs give you the required doses of Vitamin B12 without which your hair can turn grey. B12 keeps your blood free of radicals that can be responsible for making your hair to turn grey.


Vitamin A is very important for skin and hair. That is why; carrots should be an important part of your diet to prevent white hair. Vitamin A helps to synthesize the melanin required for hair color.


Beans and legumes have rich reserves of protein. And do not forget that your hair is composed of protein and thus, you need to keep your diet rich in proteins if you don’t want your hair to wither.

And in the end, I just want to say to you that you don’t have to hide your grey hair. If you think it’s a part of growing old, just embrace it gracefully and you will look beautiful. Because You are beautiful!

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