Different Types of Hair Extensions

What with so many different types of hair extensions on the market, it’s easy to get confused over what extensions are what. So we thought it was our obligation to share our knowledge on hair extensions with you and to give you hair extension novices. Here goes…

hair extensions

Firstly, hair extensions are made from two types of hair- synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are usually coated with silicone to give them that ‘natural’ glossiness, however, this fades after a while (FYI, ours are 100% real, Remy human hair). Unfortunately, these types of hair extensions can’t be dyed or styled with heat. Also, you can expect synthetic hair extensions to last around one to three months, which isn’t ideal if you love to wear your extensions on a daily basis.

On the other hand, human hair extensions are essentially just like human hair. In the same way as your own locks, human hair extensions can be styled and dyed (to an extent) like your own hair. But what’s so special about them, is that the hair cuticles face the same way, which makes these types of hair extensions look natural as they blend with your own hair better.

Now, let’s get on with discussing the different types of hair extensions

Sew- in extensions

Some of the benefits of sew-in hair extensions include their cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. Sew-in extensions involve creating a base for the extensions by tightly braiding the client’s hair. Because all hair types and conditions are not equally able to withstand this tight braiding, all clients may not be good candidates for sew-in extensions.

Clip- in extensions

Clip-in extensions have the benefit of requiring the least amount of effort to attach to the hair: they simply, as their name indicates, clip-in. Clip-in extensions can be made out of synthetic hair, but most luxury hairpieces are made of real hair. One benefit of using real hair is that it can be easier to style than synthetic hair, especially when styling using heat. Top piece hair extensions are for the specific purpose of providing extra thickness and volume for clients with thinning hair on the top of their heads. Clip-in extensions provide the best solution for this problem area.

Micro Bead or Micro Link Extensions

Microbead or micro link extensions first attach silicone beads to hair and then attach the extension to the silicone bead. Additionally, they do not require the use of glue or heat to apply. They fall out easily and can leave knots in the hair when they are removed. They may last up to three months.

Tape-in and Fusion Extensions

Tape hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions and their main appeal is that they are quick and easy to fit in. The extensions are pre-taped and then sandwiched on either side of your own hair. These types of hair extensions can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks. While they’re easy to maintain and are pretty easy to put in, they are usually low-quality hair extensions, plus, they can make tying your hair up a bother!

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