Best Fall 2017 Hair Color Ideas

The trend of hair color this year with strange colors and more prominent that our girls should not miss. These are chocolate brown, smoky yellow, reddish-brown, cinnamon brown, and yellow roses, all of which are strangely colored tones made up of different styles that make young people fascinated.

Serious and elegant features in the working environment make women more cautious in their hair color and hairstyle. However, you can still stand out and renew your style with impressive dyed hair colors that still maintain the necessary standards. It is not as glamorous as the trend of dyed hair of teenage girls, but still, help you have impressive hair, try now and feel!

Light brown / Smokey brown

A great shade for olive, dark or golden skin tones. While just about anyone can wear this color, it can appear to wash out pale skin, so beware. Test how it looks on you by asking for a semipermanent glossing treatment that is 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural color.

Green color with lowlight

Also in a dark and deep tone, but when dyed green/blue tone is completely different. Hair color is not too impressive, but trendy but still enough sophistication so that she can come to work every day. Especially when going out, the new hair color of green tone should be the peace of mind with hair dye.

Light Purple / pink hair

Pink or purple are two impressive tones, most of the time only for teenage girls, but if the office women want to be a new style of their own, there are colors that soothe the prominence of this color. Dye purple/pink in the tailor dyed light color is the way to cope or extra points for hair. Office style is also more modern and younger so that you have peace of mind that this hair color.


A red-brown hair with curly bends is to help your girlfriend look more personal, especially easy to combine with many different costumes.

Colors always bring strong creative inspiration to beauty enthusiasts. In the autumn and winter, bright colors like platinum, golden brown are considered a new trend. With different conditions such as the face, costume, environment, beauty aesthetic, etc.


In 2017 we are introduced to yet another of these funny-sounding cool hair color trends (Vietnam hair, Vietnam Remy hair), namely ‘bronde’. This color is, as the name suggests, a mix between dark blonde and light brown. It’s a dark, golden blonde becoming lighter towards the ends. The feature of this color is that in some lights it will look blonde, while in others it will look brown.

Super Dark Brown

One of the colors you can expect to see a lot throughout 2017 is the very dark and rich brown. This color, almost resembling black, is taking over from the lighter chocolate and caramel brown. However, if you don’t want to go all dark, the natural brown and caramel are still very cool.

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