8 Super-Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

  1. Flower Braid
  • Gather a section of hair from both sides of your head in line with your temples and put the sections into a small pony in the back. Then, braid the pony down to the ends.
  • Tug at sections of the braid to loosen it to make it look more voluminous. The exaggerated edges also help create that flower-petal finish.
  • Spin the braid around into a bun and pin it securely against your head.
  1. Easiest Curls Ever
  • Secure your hair in a high pony using a fabric-covered elastic, like Scunci. No Damage Effortless Beauty Elastics, and split the tail in half.
  • Wrap the first half over and around a 1-inch curling wand for 10 seconds or less, depending on how easily your hair curls. Repeat with the second half.
  • Let down your ponytail and separate the curls with your fingers. 
  1. Unpolished Bun
  • Twist textured hair into a bun. (Dirty hair works best since it doesn’t slip out of styles easily but you can always fake two-day texture by spraying it with dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo, to create extra grip.)
  • Insert a gold pin through the right side of the bun with the open ends toward the left side of the bun. Used here was the YS Park Gold 4-inch Pin.
  1. Pretty Twisted
  • Twist the bang section of your hair back and away from your face about 3 inches.
  • Insert a bobby pin into your hair with the ends toward your face to conceal the pin.
  1. Side-Braided Pony
  • French braid a section of hair on one side of your head from the hairline all the way down to the ends and secure it with a small hair tie.
  • Gather all your hair, including the braid, into a ponytail, secure it with a clear hair tie, like Goody Classics Clear Elastics, and wrap a sliver of hair around the elastic to conceal it. Pin the hair in place.
  1. Headband Halo
  • lace an elastic headband securely around the top of your head.
  • Take a small section of hair by your ear, pull it back, and loosely weave it through the elastic in the back.
  • Take a small section of hair by your other ear, pull it back, and loosely weave it through the elastic, blending it with the first section. >>>Visit >>>Virgin human hair
  1. Easy Intricate Braid
  • Separate your hair into two sections and braid one side down to the ends.
  • Braid the other side down to the ends.
  • Discreetly pin the braids together with bobby pins to create one intricate-looking braid and secure with an elastic at the end. Wrap the elastic with a piece of hair to hide it.
  1. No-Slip Bun
  • For a secure bun that won’t budge, tie your hair back in two low ponytails tied close together.
  • Twist the two tails in opposite directions until you’ve formed your bun and secure with pins.

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