5 Hairstyles for the Round face, Helping the Girls Cover the Perfect Defect

Hairstyles for the round face will help the girls cover up the defect of this hair type. Hair is considered to have a big impact on beauty. The hairstyles covering on two sides of the face will be a great choice for girls.

Each person owns a different face, so choosing the appropriate hairstyle will help the girls look more beautiful. Not everyone has a face which is an oval shape or pointed chin. For those who have faced without these features, please choose the following hairstyles for the round face.

Some features of a round face are chubby cheeks, the length and the width are about equal, as well as round and full jawline. With this type of face, you should style see-through bangs or fringe. Lightly curled hair is also a great suggestion. Also, you can choose C-shaped curled hair to help your face look slimmer.

  1. Short bob hair

Bob hair is thought to be not suitable for girls or women with round or angled faces. However, you have to get rid of this idea right from now. The bob can be transformed to help you cover up the defects of the face. You can try short bob hair with a side part.

short bob face

  1. Lob hair

With long hair lobbing at shoulders or slightly over shoulders, girls can transform many ways to cover their face’s defect. Curled hair, C-shaped curled hair combining with see-through bangs or long bangs. Dyeing bright color is also a great suggestion.

Lob hair

  1. C-shaped curled hair

C-shaped curled hair close to the face is the hairstyle to help your face slimmer. Let’s see how C-shaped curled hair suits each length level of hair.

c shaped curles hair

  1. Long curly hair

Instead of straightening your hair, which makes your face look bigger, try natural slightly bending so that your hair will be shiny and cover up any facial defects.

Long curly hair

  1. The see-through bangs

Hair with see-through bangs will make your face look more balanced and youthful. They cover the defects for the round face.

see through bangs

Besides these above hairstyles, girls also consider to style side wavy pony, long layered hairstyle, which can create the feeling that the face becomes longer. And remember to avoid hairstyles such as flat-looking piece, medium voluminous curls (Vietnamese hair).

Choose the most appropriate hairstyle for the round face to make the round face look more charming and beautiful.

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