Wearing ponytail wavy hair brings girls elegant beauty

Wearing ponytail wavy hair brings girls elegant beauty to help them attract more attention whenever they are downtown.

  1. Ponytail wavy hair – high tied

The first type is high tied ponytail wavy hair with simple and soft hair tail at the back of neck. This type is very easy to make, simple and suitable for girls love feminine style. It is a great choice for busy girls or ladies since they just need to tie neatly the whole hair when they are hurry to go out. Even they needn’t use comb but still have a neat and elegant hair style.

  1. Ponytail wavy hair – hair braid

The charm of braided hair tail is harmonied with elegance and gentleness of ponytail to create a beautiful hair style for girls or women who are fond of natural and feminine beauty. This style does not waste too much time, it just requires you to tie fixed the entire wavy hair and braid hair tail.

3. Pony wavy hair – low tied

Ponytail wavy hair is still a classic but extremely luxirious hairstyle for girls or ladies. Insteading of using normal elastics to tie hair, you can use additionally a string of ribbon to make your wavy hair look more feminine. Certainly many boys will be impressed by your gentle but sweet hairstyle.

This type can be used for events, parties or simply when you would like to walk along the street or go to school. It promises to create novelty for your daily style.




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