Ways to make sure the winter doesn’t damage your hair

The winter is right at the corner, you might love to wear a scarf around your neck the whole time and wear your favorite beanies to keep warm but they are not the best thing for your natural hair. Materials making scarf and beanie can dry your hair out and cause breakage and it is obvious that you cannot find a hair friendly material in the winter time. Here are a few tips for you to protect your hair in the winter time.

The easiest and quickest way that you can think of is to wear a satin or silk bonnet or scarf below your beanie. We are all aware of the fact that satin and silk are two super recommended materials to use for your hair, especially at night time as a pillowcase. The reason is that these materials will not get your hair stuck in and pluck your hair off like cotton or wool. However, make sure to hide it under your beanie nicely without anything peeking from beneath the hat. You can even opt for some bobby pins to secure the satin bonnet around your head.

The great way to deal with this issue is to sew a hat yourself. All you need is the same type of satin cap or bonnet you’d sleep in and just do the same way as how you did it with your normal knitting. This is the way you can make some knit hats and beanies that are safe your hair and still keep you warm in the cold season. Or else, here is the alternative way, the easiest technique that you don’t have to know how to knit. Use some specified fabric glue and glue a cloth of satin or silk inside your beanie. You will not need bobby pins to secure the fabric inside the hats. Besides, you are good to go without having to spend a lot of time trying to hide the satin scarf beneath the beanie and every time you leave home, just grab it and wear on your head.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to take care your hair and keep it healthy from the inside. Pay attention to your diet for the priority thing in your hair care routine. Try to take in sufficient proteins in order to build up the hair follicles and also supplement yourself with minerals, vitamins, glycerin food, and particularly water to keep your natural hair hydrated. Secondly, never forget to use conditioner all year round, especially in the cold period. Your hair needs to be moisture to grow healthy and strong. It is necessary to deep condition and mask your hair regularly as well because temperature is low which strip the moisture easily off your hair.

So these are some options that you can go for in order to remain your hair free tangle and keep it healthy without being damaged after the winter.

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