This trend doesn’t only help you

In the past few months, we witnessed a huge number of pretty colors get on trend from outstanding hues like a rainbow to mysterious shades such as gray, black with smoking effects. This trend doesn’t only help you to attract others’ attention but also, it looks super fashionable.

To be more specific, it can be understood as the task that you separate your hair into several parts and use different hue for a different part. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to follow any rule to part your hair or dye your hair, just do it like how you want. You will look fabulous in the photos either ways. It can be a series of shades but also complete distinguished colors. The most popular hues in this summer are pink neon, purple pastel, blue, green, etc.

However, everything has its own cost. This technique is not an easy task to pull off. It requires more specific skills than dyeing normal way.  As a result, make some true effects in your hair care routine several months before the bleaching to ensure your hair’s health. It is recommended to hydrate your hair well in advance, use mild conditioner regularly after the cleaning. Besides, don’t forget to use some hair mask to provide your hair with necessary nutrients and vitamins. These tips will make your hair stronger and make it ready for the harsh chemical process in the next few months.

Moreover, how to take care of it after dying is even more important because it will directly affect your hair color. Whether your hair hues fade or not, depending mostly on your hair care after the chemical exposure. You are advised to do a lot of research and follow the instructions of your hair stylist to make sure your hair colors can be maintained and look fabulous for as long as possible. Don’t hesitate to consult your hair stylist some color treated shampoo and conditioner brands. Also, carefully apply every hair care step from cleaning, nurturing to maintaining.

A great way that you can refer to is to have a quick look at celebrities’ Instagram to see how they combine the color on their hair because this technique is super common recently. A big number of people are brave to take a risk and give themselves a new fresh look. Or simply, ask your hair stylist to give you the best advice that suit your hair style and your personality.

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