Wondering how to get long hair naturally? How do you grow your human hair? In this post Beequeen will give you 6 tips to get those long locks naturally!


Maintain a Healthy, Balanced Diet

What you put in your body reflects on what is on the outside including your hair. Protein is important in ensuring healthy hair growth.

Not only our outside beauty efforts, massages and sophisticated hair masks are important, but also, if you really want to have thick and beautiful locks, then watch what you eat! Did you know that food can make a tremendous difference in how fast your hair grows? Protein provides a building material for your wavy hair to grow quicker, look healthier and be stronger, as protein is the very stuff that hair is made from, so the more protein you eat, the more your hair can grow; so make sure to include eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, red meats, etc., into your balanced diet. Eat healthy and your hair will say: ‘Thank you!’

Massage Your Scalp

This is important in nourishing your hair follicles which increases the blood flow. This can be done just by massaging your head and can be done when you are showering.

Massage your scalp every time you shampoo your hair; do it gently, use your fingers, massage your head for about a minute or two, push and move the skin around your head, and it will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and help your hair grow faster.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily

Washing your hair daily can strip the natural oils from your hair which can lead to dry hair which is actually more susceptible to damage. It may seem difficult at first to train your curly hair, but it will soon get used to being washed every 2 – 3 days. On the in between days, if needed, you can use dry shampoos.

Use mask for your hair

Juice two big fresh potatoes, add a tablespoon of raw honey and one yolk of an egg.

Apply this mixture to your hair (mainly apply it to the roots), wait for half an hour and shampoo your hair, as you usually do. This hair mask is amazingly effective and, most importantly, it’s all natural!

Care for your hair while sleeping

Probably, you are wondering: ‘How in the world is it possible to care for my way hair, when I sleep?’ Yes, it’s actually as easy, as pie. First of all, never sleep with a tight ponytail or a tight braid, it definitely won’t help your hair grow faster and can even cause breakage of your hair and pain in your scalp. Make a loose ponytail instead. And the second tip for an efficient night hair care is this – try to sleep on a silk pillow case; it won’t cause friction and it’s much kinder to your hair, than cotton pillow covers. And, by the way, silk pillow case is not only beneficial for your hair, but it also can help prevent facial wrinkles from appearing. What a wonder is this silk: healthy and shiny hair, plus wrinkle-free skin on your face! Just perfect!



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