Are you excited about your wedding is coming? You want to prepare the best for it. That seems great to have your hair styled with expensive products? Well, do it and you will only be flushing your hair with harmful chemical. So isn’t there a simple and effective way to be the ‘rock-star’ of your wedding? Here’re tips for you

Simple Tips Take Care Of Your Hair 1

Mental Preparation

Prepare yourself mentally to stick to homemade hair treatments. Start well in advance, preferably six months. Once your marriage date is set, waste no time. Always remember that homemade treatment cannot work wonders overnight. Natural and herbal ingredients are used to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chemicals. Chemical-based treatments are quick to show results, unlike homemade treatments. It need more time. So, be ready for a long haul!

Deep Conditioning

Simple Tips Take Care Of Your Hair 2

For a deep conditioning treatment, you can use hair mask from natural ingredients as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil… Whisk to make the mixture smooth and apply it on your hair. Do it at least once in two weeks to nourish your hair and let it absorb the goodness of deep protein conditioning. Beside that supply omega 3 fatty acid, biotin and vitamin A, E, C…on your daily diet.

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Treat Hair Problems:

If you start well in advance, treating your hair problems and doing away with them can be easy. For instance, if you are suffering from dandruff, apply a concoction of coconut oil and lemon juice regularly to eliminate the problem.

Simple Tips Take Care Of Your Hair 3

If you are experiencing hair loss, use onion juice to prevent the same. But you got to be regular to make sure the problem is done away with for good.

Say No To Hair Colors and Chemicals

Forget coloring and perming your hair. Opt for henna mix for coloring your hair instead. Ideally, wash your hair with soap nut shampoo thrice a week and use apple cider hair rinse if you have oily hair, and honey rinse if your hair is dry. Use this recipe regularly, and your gray hair will soon vanish! Opt for cost-effective homemade treatments, drink gallons of water and add lots of nuts, fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Simple Tips Take Care Of Your Hair 4

And have a great married life! Now that you know simple steps to a perfect hair for wedding bride, let us know if you’ll give it a try. Best of luck!

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