How to shampoo for remy hair extension

Start with shampooing. Shampooing with normal hair is important but doing this with remy hair extension is 10 times more substantial than that. This is a basic cleansing step that helps the scalp to “fight back” hair problems. The skin is clean and healthy, and then the hair is beautiful.

What do you need?

– Soft comb

– Shower

– Shampoo

– Conditioner

– Cotton towels

Step 1: Brush your hair

Even with real hair, you also need to untangle your hair and wash it. With remy hair extensions, use a soft comb and then comb from the tail of the hair before combing on the hair root. When combing, you should be gently so as not to stretch the strand causing the joints to slip and tangle. If the hair is too tangled, add a little conditioner to the hair for easier removal.

Step 2: Apply shampoo

The first thing to note is that you should wash under the shower, which will help your hair extensions in the correct direction and will not distort joints. In addition, the shampoo operation must be gradual to completely remove dirt and grease without disturbing the joints.

Stand under the shower, drain from the top. Controlling the tap is not too strong because the curls are easily tangled and tensed by water.

Shampoo the palm of your hand, rub the foam and apply hair roots. Gently put your hand to massage the scalp with the flesh of the fingertips. After cleaning the root of your hair you move to the tops. However, do not apply too much shampoo to the ends of the hair because they are prone to dryness.

Rinse thoroughly with water to remove remaining shampoo leaving the scalp free from fungus, dandruff, etc. When flushed, still go from root to tip to not mess up the hair.

Step 3: Apply the conditioner

With conditioner, the step will be simpler because you do not apply close to scalp and joints. Apply far from hair roots about 5 to 7cm and caress the conditioner until the end of the hair length.

Remy hair extensions do not lack hair conditioners and moisturizers because the hair extension is “dead” hair that is no longer nourished by scalp like real hair.

Conditioner helps hair nicer and better. To keep your hair smooth, you should have your hair cooled once a week for about 20 minutes and the hair will be smooth and reduce tangled hair loss.

Step 4: Dry your hair

After shampooing, apply a cotton towel gently to the length of the hair and squeeze the water from the hair into the towel.

Absolutely not to rub your hair when wet because this will mess up the hair and damage. The best way to dry your remy hair extension is to dry naturally. The dryer and the temperature will adversely affect the joints and make the hair extensions dry, lack of vitality

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