Remember to avoid bob haircuts

A suitable hairstyle is so important that it helps to frame your face and give you a different and unique look. Ease your nerves by doing some research ahead of time. Browse through women’s magazines or on the Internet for examples of the style you’re looking for.

Firstly, we will start off with face shape. So, as you might know, there are six main face shapes which are oval, round, square, heart, diamond and long face. An oval shape is considered to be aesthetically balanced pleasing for the eyes so in theory, it can go with any hairstyle, long or short, curly or flat, whatever you like. This face shape makes you super flexible to change your look because it is regarded to be the best shape of all.

Choppy, layered cuts, for example, require much more prep time than straight cuts. Very few women have exact, ideal proportions in their face, but read on and you’ll learn ways you can use your hair as a frame to fool the eye into thinking you do. As a result, you can visually correct up by avoiding hair cut that have chin length because, that will accentuate the line with your jaw. Therefore, you definitely should go for the longer one, for example shoulder length or even longer. Along with that, if you feel like your forehead is too large, don’t split the hair in the middle but part them on one side to break the square visually.

If you have the round shaped face, please remember to avoid bob haircuts that make your face seem even rounder. Another thing is that, instead of curl your real hair inward to your face, make it toward the outside with layers. Additionally, if you do bang, make sure to part it in the middle to break the circle.

If you have a long face, you will want to shorten the center vertical line of your face, therefore you simply can add a thick bang in the middle without splitting which will definitely shorten your face. Likewise, avoid to wear your real hair in a straight, long style without any layer which will stretch your face out. You should rather add volume to your hair and curls are advised to this kind of ace shape.


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