How to keep your hair healthy


  1. Stress and fatigue

The first factor of hair tangle that some girls or women suffer is long-term stress and fatigue. This may be due to increasing pressure from work and daily life. As for this case, the best method to against  human hair loss is to avoid over-stress and anxiety. In specific, you can engage in entertainment and sharing with others to release bad feelings and be more optimistic.

  1. Unreasonable diet

You also need to have a healthy diet, do exercise every day to keep your spirit comfortable. Because food is a remedy which can help to soothe the spirit. Besides, food also supply more nutrients for hair. Vitamin H (also known as biotin H, vitamin B8), protein, B vitamins and minerals are likely to stimulate the growth of   human hair.

Lack of zinc makes human hair less developed, hair strands become fragile, small, yellowish, not shiny, and tangled regularly. Zinc can ration the ratio of sebum as well as prevent some toxins, heavy metals, which gives us a healthy and clean hair. Zinc is abundant in liver, oysters, red meat, fish, and eggs.

Apart from subjective factors, other causes such as contaminated domestic water, overuse of hairdressing cosmetic also can make hair damaged and tangled.

  1. Contaminated domestic water

When your domestic water source is polluted, your skin will be attacked first. While the scalp area is quite sensitive. Therefore, when finding out that skin has abnormal symptoms, you had better recheck your domestic water source you are using and immediately make recommendations to officer of your neighborhood.

The most important thing is changing life style and keeping comfortable spirit in order that your  human hair and body are always healthy. When you have good health, the causes of hair loss or health decline are not able to bother you anymore


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