Where Do Human Hair Weaves & Hair Extensions Come From


As we know, you can have a shorter look without cutting your hair even if your hair is long. And, if your hair is shot, you can make it longer with the help of hair weaving. Your own hair can be attached to synthetic or human hair. The beauty supplies a variety of textures of human hair. However, do you know where it comes from?

In general, most human hair sources are located in Asia and China, and local residents sell their hair to growers according to the process of natural shedding. Next, processors use acid bath and silicon to treat hair and make hair shiny. This method of falling hair is the way most human hairs weave.

Remy hair is cut, or harvested directly from the head, and this hair could come from any country. Most Remy hair sources are located in Asia counties.

Most of the hair weave comes from India. Some of India’s hair comes from Indian temples, where men and women cut their hair in hopes of receiving the blessings of life. In a temple in southern India, one ton of human hair is collected every day since more than 50,000 people come every day. The temple sells hair, and most of the money is used to finance schools and roads.

China and other Asian countries also provide human hair for weaving, but this hair is a rough texture so it does not work very well with other textured hairs and remains very rigid even after processing. If you are looking for a very straight style, you can choose Vietnamese hair.

Human hair can also be obtained from Cambodia, Brazil, Mongolia and Malaysia. Different hair textures can be blended and processed to produce the most popular look. Hair treatments are the same, and then sold through international distributors.

There are different forms of human hair weaving. You can also purchase hair in weft or hair curtains.

The wiring harness is connected at the top by a machine or manually on a single thick line.

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