Want to know how hair extensions for short hair can work for you? Then read on for our stylist’s guide on how short haired girls can achieve lustrous, long locks, all with the help of our clip in hair extensions.

Regardless of whether you have a pixie product, sway or a heave, we are quite sure that there’s arrangement of hair augmentations for each short haired young lady out there. In any case, not at all like our kindred since quite a while ago haired sisters, picking which hair expansions to go for needs significantly more thought and thought before we even consider obtaining an arrangement of clasp ins. To enable you to choose which hair augmentations to decide on, take after our beautician’s tips beneath on the best way to get the ideal hair expansions to suit your short hair style.


Our stylist’s first tip is to choose your hair extensions carefully. As a general rule of thumb, girls with short hair should have at least four inches of hair to play with for hair extensions to look natural, especially if you are making clip ins your extension of choice. Even if we are biased ourselves, we believe that clip in hair extensions are the best option for girls who are looking to lengthen their cropped haircuts. This is because clip in hair extensions are clipped underneath the hair, which helps to disguise the clips for a seamless, natural finish, opposed to glue in extensions which can be a bit more difficult to hide.


As we have mentioned above, our clip in hair extensions can be worn and adorned by all girls with different hair types, including girls with short hair. However, the shorter your hair is, the harder it will be to blend your hair extensions with your natural locks. That is why we recommend choosing a length that isn’t too long in comparison with your own growing hair.

A good length of hair extensions for short hair is either the 12-14” or 16-18”, as these will provide just the right amount of length and won’t be too much for your short hair strands to handle. Plus, four inches of extra hair won’t be as hard to blend as 10 inches!


If your short crop has been bluntly cut, then you might find it harder to blend your hair extensions with your own growing hair. To work around this, our stylist’s solution is to take your hair extensions to the hair salon to get your hair stylist to cut and blend them whilst they are clipped in. Alternatively, you can try blending in your hair extensions yourself by giving the Bobby Glam Layer Blending Wefts a whirl. These are perfect for reconnecting the shorter layers of your hair with your hair extensions and will create a much more, seamless finish and natural-looking locks.


Lastly, a well-known backstage trick when using hair extensions for short hair, is to style your tresses with your extensions already clipped in. Not only does it significantly reduce your styling time, it also is a great way of identifying where your hair extensions need blending. And, by curling or straightening your hair with your hair extensions, your own growing locks will be much more inclined to stick to them, too!


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