Hair color trends of 2017

It’s a new year and you know what that means: New hair color trends are on the horizon. It may seem like there’s nothing new to offer after all of the trends we’ve seen in the past years. After all, how can you make something better than balayage and gray hair? Well, the truth is, you probably can’t. We asked top hairstylists to list the most popular hair color trends of 2017 and a lot of them are extensions of already existing trends. There’s an updated and punchier version of balayage, new forms of metallic hair and specific shades of natural hair colors in store for this year.

It is considered to be the most innovated area when it comes to hair. Recently there has been so many kinds of high-quality products for your hair in term of coloring for a couple of years. Today, rarely do you have to suffer from color fading out or turning into another hue which look pretty ugly after you wash your hair for a few times. The products are getting better that nice, bright colors actually stay bright and it gives us multiple options to dye your hair.

This year, let’s start fresh — with a fresh color job, that is. So far, hair color trends are literally mixing it up, suggesting modern gray hues, the subtlest highlights you can imagine and color hair extensions that seamlessly slims your face. It’s gonna be a good year.

The next one is the bronde color which is the contraction of brown and blonde. It seems to be more elegant, classy and high end than the regular blond shade.

Another popular one is the shade of blue, for example, the dark shades which look very classy and original.

Grey and silver hues are also in the spotlight this year which can be applied to everyone at any age. It is perfect hair color to reflect the light and brighten up your face.

As a matter of fact, no matter what color you are into, don’t forget that it will work best on your virgin real hair which is stronger and healthier than the one undergoing chemical process.

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