Hair also needs right care to become glossy and healthy

  1. Combing when the hair is still wet

Combing wet hair is one of the bad habits that you need to give up immediately. When being wet, your hair is very fragile, if you still continue to comb, hair strands will be stretched and easy to tangle. Comb made from plastic with tight teeth can make your  human hair extensions easy to tangle more due to friction. Wooden comb with loosed teeth is a better choice for you. Besides, you also can choose types of combs with soft spines to massage your scalp and improve blood circulation ability.

  1. Massage Your Scalp

This is important in nourishing your hair follicles which increases the blood flow. This can be done just by massaging your head and can be done when you are showering.

Massage your scalp every time you shampoo your hair; do it gently, use your fingers, massage your head for about a minute or two, push and move the skin around your head, and it will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and help your hair grow faster.

  1. Bleaching hair

Curling and dying damage human hair extensions, not to mention bleaching. Bleaching can transfer toxic chemicals as well as remove nutrients and pigment of hair. Therefore, you should take careful consideration before bleaching hair or using chemicals for styling hair.

  1. Washing hair too much

Damaged hair can start with a vicious cycle: head itches – shampoo – itches more, produce oil – shampoo more – itch and dandruff more. Detergents in shampoos dry the hair roots and make scalp lose minimum moisture as well as lose ability to regenerate the natural protective layer for hair and scalp.

Solution: It is important that you find kind of shampoo suitable for your  human hair extensions. Standard shampoo help the hair balance moisture, reduce sebum, not dry and rub scalp.

  1. Tying the hair too tight

Regular hair tying can make human hair extensions not straight and easy to tangle. You should tie your hair by loose hands. If possible, let your hair down naturally for a while.

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