Constantly change hair style and color  

As skin, hair also has sensitive reactions to environment and way of living. Unconditional activity as well as extreme habits will directly have bad impact on the health of curly hair extensions.

You are wrong if you find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair and decide to be loyal to it for during the rest of life. The environment is changing, curly hair extensions also needs to change the protection mode.

Solutions: In the winter and in the early spring, your hair needs extra protein, vitamins and energy, and during hot summer months, your curly hair extensions needs extra protection from ultraviolet light. Hair sprays, the new generation hair lotions contain UV filter which replaces the former SPF signal.

In the winter, curly hair extensions needs to be treated with moisturizing masks, and masks which are to balance and control the sebum for the scalp in the summer. In the composition of hair cosmetics, specific effects are clearly noted. You should have a habit of looking back at your home hair products whenever having the signal of weather changes công ty cổ phần sara quốc tế .

Hair sprays, gel, mouse can make your curly hair extensions look more stylish and fashionable in a snap. Thus, many girls or women cannot go out without them. The reverse side of the styling products is weighten hair strands and make the hair dirty quickly.

New hair styles and colors help us change moods, but hair has to pay since each time of impressing, it suffers from a “baking” process in the chemicals.

Many beautiful and young women must wear a “dead” hair on the head due to desire of frequently changing hair style and color to refresh themselves.

The tangled and ruffled curly hair extensions reflects poor hair care which is the result of bad daily habits. Let stop or limit these habits to help your curly hair extensions less damaged and improve your appearance.

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