Beautiful Korean Curly-Wavy HairStyles In Hair Tail 2017 For Round Face

Beautiful hair is always noticed by girls because they want to choose themselves the hairstyle to suit their face so that they can confidently walking around the street. Do not worry anymore, let’s look the beautiful and elegant curly-wavy hairstyle in the tail. This hairstyle is preferred by many girls with youthfulness and cute. So, we introduce Korean curly-wavy hairstyles in hair tail for girls that have round face. Wavy hair with many beautiful variations in which Korean curly-wavy hairstyle is the most outstanding hairstyle. With small and big curls, long hair or short hair also can combine with this hairstyle. Let’s refer to this Korean hairstyles for 2017 fashion season!


Yoona with bangs and curly wavy hair

As the waves flutter slightly to the shore, gently wavy hairstyle has created an irresistible attraction for women. Not too personal as pixie hair and not too young as long bob, curly wavy hair is beautiful in gentle and feminine way.

Curly-wavy hairstyle brings gentle and feminine

If the bob hairstyle or straight hair is not suitable for all face shapes, curly-wavy hair expresses outstanding advantages if it combines with different faces and bangs.

Qri is also a fan of wavy hair

Taeyeon always applies this curly-wavy hair with feminine beauty

Sometimes, outstanding will create unexpected effects. From a gentle girl to highlight style is not the far distant, but whether you dare to change and refresh yourself or not.

This hairstyle combines with moss green that bring attractive and impressive beauty

Seohyun with highlight wavy hair

Long hair with bob curls can combine with different dyed hairs to create individually. Please see Korean hot girls, you can find answers for the question that what color should you dye to become the most beautiful with this hairstyle?

Victoria with impressive dyed hair color

Beautiful girl outstands with bright yellow

Creating a personal style

This is beautiful Korean curly-wavy hairstyle for round face with girls in 2017 that we share you to stand out and charm. Please see and try your curly wavy hair style! Hope that you will look attractive as Korean stars to confidently walk down the street in cool weather. Wish you a nice hair and always support us!



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