Bad hair habits that you should break

Even you own the best hair products in your make up table, you cannot have your hair look fabulous every single day if you maintain several bad hair habits. Instead, break these habits and bring back a new life to your hair. Down here are the things that you should definitely think of getting rid of them.

Pull back your hair too tightly by using elastic and hair ties. A number of popular hairstyle such as ponytails, buns, puffs are the number one choice for most girls who want to look gorgeous and keep their hair out of their faces. However, it accidentally damaging your hair. The reason is that these hairstyles can burden your hair by adding stress and tension to it which can result in breakage and thinning hair. As a result, do these hairstyles as less as possible in order to keep your hair healthy. At the same time, letting your hair down naturally or loosen tie is the better ones that you can refer to. Or else, you can try to use a silk scrunchy or a headband which are comfortable and easy on your hair.

There is actually a mistaken conception among girls who hold a belief that the more you cut your hair, the more it will grow. As a result, an excessive number of people become a scissors happy person who always trim their hair in many cases. You have to be aware that cutting your hair doesn’t speed up the hair growing process. You should give ours have time to grow back. Instead of finding reasons to chop your hair off, take more care of your scalp which will definitely stimulate your hair growth without damaging it.

Another mistake that you might encounter is to over shampoo your hair, especially in hot weather like in the summer. Shampooing is perfect to get rid of dirt, sweat in that kind of weather but overdoing it does not help at all. Instead, it makes the situation even worse because shampooing hair means tripping off your natural oils on your scalp. It leads to the situation that your scalp will be dry and itchy. Your hair can be exposed to split ends, breakage, and damage. The great news is there are solutions to that problem. Lessen your shampooing times to 3 to 4 times a week and use conditioner after that in order to provide our hair with sufficient moisture. It will help a lot in both protect your hair from being damaged and supply your hair enough nutrients to grow healthily.

So, we have been indulging in these bad hair habits for a long time without even clearly noticing about them. It’s time to cut them out of your hair care routine. It takes almost a month to create a habit and it is not that easy to rid the old ones. While it will be challenging to get rid of the bad ones but if you are determined enough, nothing is impossible. Therefore, so as to achieve healthy, strong hair, do the best for it, ladies!


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