1. Introduction

Have you ever felt unconfident with your appearance when looking at your hairstyle? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate to find us. We are MCSARA, one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the aspect of exporting hair to the international market.

Over a long period of development, we always try our best to be more and more perfect as well as become a reputable hair supplier to lots of customers in many countries around the world. MCSARA really look forward to being with customers on their way to pursue a perfect beauty.

In our hair export activities, we provide customers with various hair products. One of the most popular hairstyles we offer you is 26 inch weave hair  extensions.

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  1. Product description

If you own a thin hair, this is definitely a hair product for you. 26 inch Weave straight hair extensions  is the hairstyle used to make your hair look thicker. With weave hair extensions, you will be more confident about your appearance when going out, or when communicating with other people. That is exactly the time you will no longer feel lack of confidence because of your thin hair anymore.

26 inches weave hair extensions, you will use a needle to sew a strip of sewn wig into a real braid of your real hair. This method of hair extension is widely applied because it can be maintained for a long time. Also, it is hard to fall out, with the exception of your trying to remove it.

In our supply of hair products, we offer lots of different hair textures, including straight, wavy, curly or kinky and yaki. You can choose any textures that you think will be suitable with your hair.

We also divide our hair texture into many typical textures.  They are natural wavy weave hair, hot stream wavy weave hair, water wavy weave hair, and romantic curly weave hair. We also have many others textures, which brings you many options to select.

In terms of hair colors, our company produce hair with many different colors. The variety in hair colors you can easily  find out consists of:

  • Dark colors: brown( dark brown, light brown ) , black ( natural black, jet black),…
  • Bright colors: blonde, yellow, piano color,…

Each color will give you a different beauty in your appearance. So,  do not be too confused, you should be  more confident and comfortable to choose the color you like.

Lengths in our hair products are also very various. We have 14 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches, 26 inches or even 32 inches,… for our weave hair extension.

26 inches weave hair extension is a quite long hairstyle. You can comfortably choose any colors as well as textures for the hairstyle of this length.

  1. Strengths and weaknesses


  • Made of 100% non-chemical Vietnamese hair
  • No mixed with synthetic hair
  • Collected from the long black hair of Vietnamese women
  • Sawn into the real hair and not easy to fall out


It can cause damage when applied to thin, weak and light hair

  1. How to use it
  • Braid a line of hair from one side of the ear to the other
  • Use a needle to stitch the strip of the sawn hair into the braid of your real hair

It would be wonderful  if you could be more confident with the application of our 26 inches weave hair extension. Helping customers to be more beautiful is our very great happiness.

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