1. Introduction

MCSARA is one of the biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam. Our  company has been the partner of many companies coming from North America, Latin America, Russia and Europian countries. We always try to bring the best products to our customer.

18 inches weave hair extensions is the medium hair in our stock. It is made in a sophisticated way, which makes it beautiful and cheap enough for you.

  1. Product description

18 inch weave straight hair is one of the hair which is made by sewing the hair all together in one line, so, we also call it machine weft hair. It is one of the medium hair lengths alongside with 20 inches or 22 inches weave hair.

The hair is totally remy hair with all cuticle kept and all strands are arranged in the same direction. As a result, it is so soft, smooth and soothing with no knots or shedding. It still has all of the cuticle just like alive hair.

There are some features of the hair that you should know.

When it comes to hair standards, we have four main standards for you to choose.

  • Single drawn hair type 1: it is the hair which has both short strands and long strands in the same bundle. This makes it thicker in the top of hair and thinner in the end of it.
  • Single drawn hair type 2: which is better than type 1; however, the number of short strands still remarkable.
  • Double drawn hair is the hair which has almost same length hair strands and more equal thickness.
  • Super double drawn hair is the best hair in the stock with almost same length hair and thickness.

In terms of hair textures, we have three main hair textures such as:

  • Straight hair: kinky straight, yaki straight
  • Wavy hair: natural wavy, body wavy, water wavy and deep wavy
  • Curly hair: deep curly, fumi curly, romantic curly, twist curly…

And, there are many colors of the hair that customers can take into consideration.

Some of the main colors are black, dark brown, light brown, yellow and blonde. Besides, you can buy the hair with mixed color of all these.

Our hair is taken from Vietnamese hair who often grow their hair very long. Basically, straight hair and natural wavy hair will be kept all natural with no processing. Meanwhile, curly hair and wavy hair have to be curled and put into hot steam to make the styles of the hair.

Then, we weave the hair into bundle with about 100 grams per each bundle. The lengths of hair is varied from 6 inches to 32 inches (not only just 18 inches).

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam human real hair with no synthetic hair, no chemicals
  • Appealing, attractive and fit-in
  • No tangles or shedding, no insects
  • Cheap enough for you to buy


  • Should be careful when applying the hair
  1. How to use

To use 18 inches weave hair extensions properly, you should follow these steps:

  • Divide you hair into sections.
  • Tie the top section of your hair.
  • Braid a horizontal line in the lower section of your hair.
  • Sew the weave hair extensions into the horizontal line of the hair.
  • Loosen the top section of your hair to cover up the root of the hair.
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